What is a “Service Sorority?”

  • A “service sorority” is different from a traditional social sorority because our main focus is service rather than the social pillar. We still maintain all the benefits: friendship, leadership & friendship bonds, but we focus on community service.


Is OPA part of the Panhellenic Council?

  • While Omega Phi Alpha as a national organization is not a member of the Panhellenic Council, some chapters are local members of the council. Currently, the Alpha Kappa Chapter of Omega Phi Alpha is not a member. This means that you can be a member of OPA and a Panhellenic Sorority.


How much does OPA cost?

  • As a service sorority, our dues are very low. Both our active and new member dues are under $200 per semester. We never turn anyone away for a true financial emergency, so please contact us if you’re interested in joining, no matter what your financial situation. Payment plans and dues waivers are available upon request.

Do I need to be a woman to join?

  • No! We accept people of all gender identities in Omega Phi Alpha and do not discriminate against gender, gender identity or perceived gender.  


What do I do as a “New Member”?

  • The new member process takes one semester. During the new member period, you learn about OPA, do exciting service projects, participate in New member-specific meetings, have the chance to join a New Member Executive Board and get to know your Active and New Member Siblings! Most importantly, OPA believes in a fun, uplifting and encouraging recruitment period. We want you to be as excited about OPA as we are! This is your chance to show your commitment to the sorority and our service projects. Any type of hazing is strictly prohibited by national and local laws. You are in a safe environment as a New Member of Omega Phi Alpha.


Can I be in other organizations while in OPA?

  • YES! We have many members who are active in KU Campus Life. Our members participate in groups such as Student Senate, SUA, Student Ambassadors, and many, many more! You may even learn about a great, new club from one of your Siblings! From time to time conflicts may arise, so prospective members should look into these conflicts to see if they allow members to be active in both at the same time as OPA does require a time commitment.


When is the next Recruitment?

  • The Alpha Kappa chapter holds recruitment once every fall semester. We will be offering spring recruitment for the first time in Spring 2023. The next recruitment will be during Fall 2022. Please fill out the following form for more information and follow us on social media to keep updated about upcoming recruitment events!

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