Chapter of Excellence Award: Gold

Outstanding Chapter President: Robyn Fishman

Outstanding Chapter Vice President: Rebekah Burgweger

Outstanding Membership Director: Corey Goodburn and Kristin Fravel

Outstanding Chapter Treasurer: Devan Burris

Outstanding Sisterhood Director: Ashley Reece

Outstanding ADO: Karen Campbell


Individual Service Hour Awards

Madisen Huscher: 256.2 Hours

Megan Abel: 161.5 Hours

Corey Goodburn: 160.5 Hours

Cheyenne Morris: 146.5 Hours

Omega Phi Alpha Leadership Program

Abigail Vohs


Chapter of Excellence Award: Bronze

Outstanding Membership Director: Jessica Cooney and Neyda Venzor


Individual Service Hour Awards

Aime Just: 225.5 Service Hours

Shelby Bettles: 160.5 Service Hours

Cheyenne Morris: 143 Service Hours

Robyn Fishman: 102.5 Service Hours

Robert Lee: 91.5 Service Hours

Sabaa Anees: 87.5 Service Hours

Sarah Wray: 76.5 Service Hours

Gabriella Toro: 75 Service Hours


Chapter Excellence Award: Gold

National Travel Award

Outstanding Chapter Membership Director: Allie Wiethop

Outstanding Chapter Membership Director: Caitlin Szlenk

Outstanding Chapter Secretary: Rebekah Burgweger

Outstanding Chapter Vice President: Claire MacLachlan

Service to the Community at Large Award

Individual Achievement in Service Awards

Amie Just: 178.5 Service Hours

Robyn Fishman: 95 Service Hours

Abby Clem: 84.25 Service Hours

Rachael Watson: 79 Service Hours

Alex Welch: 79 Service Hours

Omega Phi Alpha Leadership Program

Vanna Hay

Molly Thomas

Alex Welch

Omega Phi Alpha Diversity Program

Vanna Hay

Alex Welch


National Scrapbook Award

Individual Achievement in Service Awards

Shelby Webb: 145.5 Service Hours

Alex Welch: 78.5 Service Hours

Vanna Hay: 75 Service Hours


National Service Award

Service to the Members of the Sorority Award 
Service to the Community at Large Award
Outstanding Chapter Vice President: Bianca Bassell
Outstanding Chapter Membership Director: Aly Inglish


Chapter Excellence Award: Bronze
Service to the Members of the Sorority Award
Distinguished Chapter President: Aly Inglish
Outstanding Chapter President: Aly Inglish
Outstanding Chapter Vice President: Michelle Taylor

Mailing Address • 1301 Jayhawk Blvd., Lawrence, KS 66045

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